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Release Date:
Rating: 8.5
Directed by
Castille Landon
Written by
Sharon Soboil, Anna Todd
Based on
Tosin Thompson, John Jackson Hunter, Emmanuel Todorov, Ryan OL, Velizar Binev, Anton Kottas, John Bonavia, Jordan Peters, Atanas Srebrev, Jack Bandeira, Chance Perdomo, Louise Lombard, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Josephine Langford, Kiana Madeira, Rob Estes
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
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After Ever Happy Hero Fiennes Tiffin's story between Tessa and Hardin is a roller coaster ride. It has been like this from the start and After Ever Happy, the fourth film in the film series based on the novels by Anna Todd, is no exception, available on Prime Video from 28 September. There is the peak of love and passion and immediately after, just when you seem to glimpse a glimmer of serenity, the descent into the abyss of incomprehension, jealousy, pain, fear of being hurt. Tessa and Hardin attract and repel, seek and lose each other.

How to watch After Ever Happy (2022) Full Movie premieres on Friday, September 30.

"After Ever Happy an emotional ups and downs that are exciting to watch," but exhausting to experience. “I wouldn't advise any of the guys watching the movie to experience an emotional rollercoaster relationship. Just see us on the screen and then look for one that works smoothly, ”smiles Hero Fiennes Tiffin, 25 in November, who plays the shadowy protagonist Hardin Scott in the film. Unmissable alongside her is Josephine Langford, born in 1997, who plays Tessa Young.

In After Ever Happy, which begins exactly where the previous film ended, the couple immediately come to terms with a secret from the past that disrupts Hardin's life. Faced with this new difficulty, the two react differently: he closing himself up like a hedgehog and pushing everything and everyone away; she trying to reach out to him and fight alone for both of them. Only then to understand that the road to salvation goes in another direction and requires, at least for a while, solitude, time and space for oneself.

After Ever Happy 2022 Release Date

After Ever Happy will be released in US theaters on September 30. Tessa starts out as a girl who will go to college, with innocence and naivety, a certain worldview, parental expectations. But she is a completely different person at the end of this film: she is an adult, a woman who begins his journey. You have undergone a huge physical, emotional and sexual change.

The fourth film in the After saga, entitled After Ever Happy, the latest film based on the bestselling novels by Anna Todd published in Italy by Sperling & Kupfer, will debut exclusively on Prime Video in September.

In this film, Tessa also faces a tragic event, following which she says she needs to be alone.

"Everyone reacts to pain differently," Langford continues. “Tessa needs space, she's really overwhelmed and exhausted. She raised a kind of wall and closed everyone there; she is convinced that the best solution is to remain alone. There is a scene in the greenhouse where it is quite evident ".

On the other hand, however, it is very difficult for Hardin to give Tessa the time and space she asks for. Hero Fiennes Tiffin, why?

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"He feels compelled to do it," says Fiennes Tiffin. "Hardin is so attracted to Tessa, and his life is so much better with her, that in the end often, selfishly, he doesn't understand how important it is to give space to the other person, try to love from a distance and" fix "oneself before live a relationship ".

After Ever Happy, or After 4, the fourth cinematic chapter of the saga based on the novels of the same name by Anna Todd, now has an official release date on Prime Video. And to the delight of all spectators, not much is missing: the debut is in fact expected by the end of September.

What will this new page of the tormented love story between Hero and Tessa, also interpreted in this film, as in the previous ones, by the actors Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reserve for fans?.

After 4 picks up exactly where the third film ended. Thus, viewers will find Tessa and Hardin at a crossroads. A secret that emerged from the past, in fact, has upset the life of the young and dark protagonist, who reacts to the shock angrily, with self-destructive attitudes and pushing away anyone who wants to be near him, even Tessa herself. The relationship between the two, as if studded with ups and downs, seems to creak.

What is the plot of 'After Ever Happy'?

The girl, on her part, when will New Line Cinema Productions Movie 'After Ever Happy' be on Netflix?. Tries to be affectionate and understanding, but it is not always easy. In short, Tessa is faced with an important decision: can and will she continue to save Hardin and their relationship? Do you still have the energy to be close to the boy, despite everything? Does it make sense to continue swimming against the current for both of you or is it time to save yourself and think about yourself first?.

So, while Hardin stays in London after her mother's wedding and sinks deeper and deeper into darkness, Tessa returns to Seattle, where she faces an unexpected tragedy that affects her family. A phase of silence and solitude opens up for her too. If they want their love to survive, the two young people will have to work on themselves and accept the possibility of loneliness. It will be necessary to see, then, if their paths will lead them back together or not.

The cast: who stars in After 4

In addition to the aforementioned protagonists, the After 4 cast includes Louise Lombard, Rob Estes, Arielle Kebbel, Chance Perdomo, Frances Turner, Kiana Madeira, Carter Jenkins, Mira Sorvino, Stephen Moyer and Atanas Srebrev.

Directed by Castille Landon. The film is produced by Jennifer Gibgot (17 Again, Step Up), Brian Pitt, Aron Levitz, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter and Hero Fiennes Tiffin himself, who plays Hero. The executive producers, on the other hand, are Andrew Panay, Eric Lehrman, Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton.

What day does After 4 come out

The fourth film based on the young-adult novels of the same name will be available exclusively on Prime Video in Italy from 28 September 2022.

Directed by Castille Landon, After 4 (original title After Ever Happy) is the fourth installment of the saga that brings to the screen the troubled and passionate love story between Hardin Scott and Tessa Young.

Based on the book "After 5 Infinite Love" (re-published by Sperling & Kupfer on the occasion of the release of the film with a special edition entitled The novel of After 4. Infinite Love), the film once again sees Hero Fiennes- Tiffin and Josephine Langford as the protagonists.

After 4 will be available in exclusive streaming on Prime Video, available for all Amazon Prime subscribers at no additional cost, from September 28th. Prime members will be able to watch After 4 anytime, anywhere, without limitations, even off-line.

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After 4, original title After Ever Happy, is the fourth film in the successful romantic saga of After. Directed by Castille Landon and written by Sharon Soboil, it draws inspiration from the 2015 novel of the same title written by Anna Todd and which was a real publishing case. Before him came After (2019), After We Collided (2020) and After We Fell (2021).

After 4 had its world premiere in London on 10 August. It will arrive in theaters on September 7, 2022. Prime Video has confirmed that it will be released on the platform on September 28. This is not the last film in the saga. A fifth, titled After Everything, is in production right now. The odds of it making it into the Prime Video Top Ten are very high.

After 4, the plot

Hardin and Tessa are growing, suffering and changing, together and individually. A realization from the past deeply shakes Hardin and his armor, which seemed impenetrable, falls apart. Tessa faces a tragedy in her personal life.

Their relationship is no longer sustainable, as they both have to focus on their lives to overcome their respective difficulties. The truth about their respective families comes out: they're not as different as they thought, and it's a real shock. Tessa is no longer the simple and sweet girl of the beginning, Hardin is no longer cruel and moody. Will they be able to get through all of this together?.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin has got used to it by now. Since the first film in the After saga hit theaters around the world in 2019, the actor has been constantly on the major tabloids due to his alleged relationship with colleague Josephine Langford. More than a story told by the media, however, it is a ship supported and carried on by the fans of the HardinTessa couple. In fact, film fans have been hoping for years to transform the fictional couple formed by the two protagonists into a real couple.

During an interview made during the promotional tour of the fourth chapter of the saga, After Ever Happy, Hero commented on these rumors. “It's interesting because part of me says, 'I get it,' but part of me says when you talk to some fans who perfectly understand my point of view, they confirm why some people's assumptions are a bit immature, maybe a bit risky - he told J-14 - But on the other hand, I understand it. I understand why you see people in a movie and want them to be together. When people are young, they care a lot. It's nice how much they care. I understand, it is perhaps the best way to explain it “.

Where to Watch After Ever Happy Today

Hero Fiennes Tiffin 'After Ever Happy' then added that he greatly appreciates those who "see the film for what it is and look beyond the screen and that there are fans who "understand that they have to respect your personal and private life and not think that things are not are true or they are.

After Ever Happy is the fourth film in the After saga, coming to Prime Video on September 28th. We will finally know what will become of the love between Tessa and Hardin, a love that has never been easy. As in Anna Todd's novel After - Infinite Love, After Ever Happy continues where After 3 left off.

While Hardin stays in London after her mother's wedding and sinks into her own darkness, Tessa returns to Seattle. Different from the girl she was when she started college, she Tessa knows she's the only one who could save her beloved Hardin but she must also understand what she wants for herself and her future.

When Will After Ever Happy Be Available to Stream?

In After Ever Happy, a film proposed by Prime Video exclusively, the wedding of Hardin's mother has recently been celebrated. The boy has decided to stay in London to confront his past and try to reconnect the ranks of his existence. Instead, Tessa wanted to return to Seattle, where a tragedy soon leads her to make difficult decisions that will change her life forever.

Hardin would like to help Tessa but is so busy fighting his own problems that he ends up drifting further away from her. Her revelations about her father have shaken him more than hard and Tessa isn't sure she can save him without sacrificing herself. The young woman then relies on friends like Landon and gradually realizes that she must fight primarily for her good.

And so, after hearing some news about her health, Tessa thinks about starting all over again by going to New York. But that's when Hardin returns to her, confessing how much she means to him.

Where to Watch After Ever Happy

However, it may already be late for a future together: Tessa is no longer the sweet and simple girl she was when Hardin met her. She is now a determined young woman who knows what is best for her and what she needs from her. While their passion is still undeniably alive, will she be worth it to save a love that seems to have come to an end?.

Directed by Castille Landon, After Ever Happy like the previous film in the saga lands on Prime Video after having skipped the theatrical release. Find as protagonists the beloved Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, happy to film two characters now familiar to them like those of Tessa and Hardin.

In After 4 both protagonists After Ever Happy are obviously. Josephine Langford, how has Tessa changed?

“When you play certain roles over a long period of time, you can't help but feel comfortable,” Langford commented. "By now on the set we have reached such a strong understanding that before shooting we don't even need to confront each other: we know how to move", echoed Tiffin.

In After Ever Happy, Hardin is shaken by the great revelation he had in After 3. “At his mother Trish's wedding, Hardin found out that Christian Vance is his father. This only adds to his anger and his addiction problems. For Hardin, everything is simple at first, then more difficult and finally unpredictable ”, underlined the young actor.

For her part, Tessa has instead stopped being a teenager. She is now a young woman who has her eyes wide open to her life and her bond with Hardin. She has been forced to mature and her outlook on her affairs has changed dramatically. She can no longer depend on Hardin's mood swings and that leads both of them to take a bold step: walk away to find out if they're really meant to be together.

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Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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